Pak History (1857 CE- 1947 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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The Act of 1935 contained how many schedules?

A. 8
B. 9
C. 11
D. 10

The deliberation of Act 1935 preparation was printed over how many pages?

A. 323
B. 324
C. 325
D. 326

The Act of 1935 consisted of how many sections?

A. 320
B. 321
C. 322
D. 323

Who founded Muhammadan Literary Society in 1863?

A. Shah Waliullah Dehlawi
B. Syed Ameer Ali
C. Nawab Abdul Latif
D. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

Nawab Abdul Latif found the Muhammadan Literary Society in April 1863 at___________?

A. Dhaka
B. Faridpur
C. Calcutta
D. Selhat

Narendra Modi is the_________________ prime minister of India (excluding Acting PMs).

A. 13th
B. 14th
C. 15th
D. 16th

Zakir Hussain was the______________ president of India.

A. 2nd
B. Third
C. fourth
D. fifth

The foundation stone of Sikhism’s holiest place “Golden Temple” at Amritsar was laid by_________?

A. Guru Nanak
B. Bal dev Singh
C. Hari dev Singh
D. Hazrat Mian Mir

The Quit India Movement was launched in the month of___________?

A. March
B. June
C. August
D. October

In violation of the Salt Laws, Gandhiji started a movement called______________?

A. Non-Cooperation movement
B. Civil disobedience movement
C. Swadeshi Movement
D. none of them

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