Pak History (1857 CE- 1947 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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The Muslims of the Sub continent launched the Khilafat Movement in the year _______?

 A. 1917
B. 1918
C. 1919
D. None of these

In 1935 Sindh was separated from Bombay due to___________?

 A. Khilafat Movement
B. Simon commission report
C. Non- Cooperation movement
D. Round table conference

From 1930 to 1932 the British government convened in London:

 A. Three Round Table Conference
B. Two Round Table Conference
C. Five Round Table Conference
D. None of these

FC college was founded in the year?

A. 1860
B. 1861
C. 1864
D. 1866

When Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar issued a comrade newspaper?

A. January 14 , 1911
B. January 15, 1911
C. January 16, 1911
D. None of these

Government College Lahore was founded in the year?

A. 1860
B. 1861
C. 1864
D. 1866

Sir Syed was elevated to the position of chief judge in?

A. 1835
B. 1840
C. 1846
D. 1850

When did Jinnah join congress?

A. 1906
B. 1905
C. 1904
D. 1903

The Jinnah: India, Partition, Independence book was written by:

A. Quaid e Azam
B. Stanley Wolpert
C. Jaswant Singh
D. None of these

Poona Pact was signed in?

B. 1924
C. 1932
D. 1920

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