Qutb ud din Aibak

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qutb ud din aibak history

Qutb ud din Aibak

Qutb ud din Aibak

Map of slave dynasty

Qutb ud din Aibak founded the Slave Dynasty of medieval India. After the death of Mohammad Ghori, he became the Sultan of Delhi in 1206. He ruled Delhi as Sultan from 1206-1210. Initially, Qutub-Ud-Din Aibak went through a power struggle for a short while with Taj-ud-din Ildiz and Nasir-ud-din Qubachah but he remained successful in becoming the ruler of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern India. He was died playing polo.

Qutb ud din Aibak History

He was born in the Aibek tribe in Turk and sold as a slave. However, a top Qazi of Nishapurs raised him, and he received a good education, including archery and riding skills. When the Qazi died, his sons sold  Aibak to another master. 

Qutbud din aibak Achievements

 Eventually, Sultan Muhammad Ghori, the monarch of Ghor in central Afghanistan bought Qutb-Ud-Din Aibak. After some years Aibak ascended to the rank of Commander and became the devoted slave of the Sultan.  He was primarily responsible for the conquests of northern India, which aided Muhammad Ghori in consolidating his authority there. Sultan Ghori gradually handed the conquered India to Qutb ud-din. As commander and later as Sulatan Qutbud din Aibak achievements was great. 

Sultan qutbud din aibak

Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque

After Mohammad Ghori, Qutbud din aibak named himself Sultan of Delhi. When Aibek ascended to the throne after his death, he reigned over those areas where he had been assigned as Governor by  Sultan Ghori.  Despite rebellions by nobles like Taj-ud-din Ildiz and Nasir-ud-din Qubachah, he established a strong administration in Delhi. Qutb ud din aibak built this mosque in Ajmer. 

Qutb-ud-din Aibak began constructing the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque, one of Delhi’s first Muslims, but he remained unable to complete it. Shamsuddin Iltutmish, his successor, completed these architectures later. He also started the construction of “Qutb Minar in 1199 ” in Quwwat-ul-mosque which has a height near 72.5 meters.  Next, he began construction on the “Adhai Din Ka Jhopra,” or “Shed of Two and a Half Days,” a mosque in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. It was started in 1192 CE under the direction of Muhammad Ghori it was completed in 1199 CE. and then enlarged in 1213 CE by the Iltutmish. He built many other buildings. Qutb ud din aibak built this mosque in Ajmer.

Challenges of Qutb ud din Aibak

qutb minar

       Qutb Minar

To maintain his position as king of Delhi, Qutb ud din Aibak overcame numerous obstacles. He didn’t rely on all of his Turkish officers,  as they might be envious of his power and position. Even though he defeated Rajput many times but they continued to fight the Turks in various locations, taking advantage of their weaknesses.  Qutab-ud-din Aibak, the first Muslim ruler of Delhi, commenced the construction of the Qutab Minar in 1200 AD, but could only finish the basement of qutb minar. His successor, Iltutmush, added three more stories, and in 1368, Firoz Shah Tughlak constructed the fifth and the last story.

Throne of Delhi

He had no formal claim to the Delhi throne. To succeed to the throne of Delhi, he needed to win it. First, he decided to remain self-sufficient. Then he kept his throne safe from Central Asia’s political upheaval. However, he proceeded with caution. He began to raise the army and fortified his position in Delhi and Lahore.

He married his sister to Nasir-ud-din-Qabacha and his daughter to Iltutmish after persuading the Turkish nobility in India to accept his subjugation. The uncertain affairs of Bengal and Bihar also bothered Qutub-Ud-Din. As a result, he was unable to carry out his kingdom’s expansion. He couldn’t even pay attention to the Rajputs, who had managed to reclaim a handful of their lands from the Turks. He was mainly preoccupied with protecting his independence. Therefore problems in the northwest and Bengal in the east were his principal priorities. That is why he chooses to stay in Lahore rather than Delhi. The Slave Dynasty ruled the Subcontinent for nearly One century.  The rulers of the Slave dynasty are as follow 

  • Qutb ud din Aibak(1206-1210 AD)
  • Shamsuddin Iltutmish (1211-1236 AD)
  • Razia Sultan (1236-1240 AD)
  • Nasiruddin Mahmud (1246-1266 AD)
  • Ghiyasuddin Balban (1266-1286 AD)
  • Muizuddin Kaiquabad (1287-1290 AD)  

Tomb of Qutbud din Aibak

He died in an accident while playing polo in 1210. He was severely hurt when he fell from his horse. The tomb of Qutbud din Aibak situated  in the Anarkali Bazar Lahore

, qutb ud din aibak history

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