Can retired army officers press conference change the Political Situation ?

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retired army officers press conference

Yesterday retired army officers press conference held in Islamabad. An organization of retired military and civilian officers claimed that Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, in a meeting after the recent political upheaval in the country, had promised in no uncertain terms that he would prevent the situation from deteriorating further. Therefore, elections will be held in the country within 90 days.

Under the open sky outside the National Press Club in the country’s capital Islamabad, an organization called Veterans of Pakistan asked Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa at a press conference, the video recording of which is being widely viewed on social media. Can retired army officers press conference change the Political Situation ? On this question the answer is that to some extent it can give force to the movement against the current governmemt and also effect in narrative building in the country. 

Where did his promise of ninety days go?

Apart from reminding General Bajwa of his promise, the Veterans of Pakistan also demanded that a judicial commission be set up on the alleged threatening letter received from Washington to prove whether Pakistan was threatened in it or not. Speaking at the press conference, former brigadier and writer Mian Mahmood claimed that when the situation started deteriorating, a team of ours met General Bajwa to discuss the deteriorating political situation in the country. He said that the delegation was led by retired General Ali Qali Khan and included retired Admiral Taslim SJ and Air Vice Marshal Masood.

Talking about the alleged threats posed to Pakistan by the United States, he said that the threats posed by the United States were not a “hidden matter.” He said that he had read many US reports that raised these concerns as a former soldier. The only difference is that these concerns are now becoming a reality and are being addressed. Mian Mehmood said that in his view, there is a serious threat from the United States at the moment, and he demanded that the Pakistan Armed Forces and especially the Chief of Army Staff, General Bajwa, should realize this and take all precautionary measures. This can be done to prevent further deterioration of the situation.

Talking about the formation of the Judicial Commission on the letter, he said that this is the second biggest demand of his organization, and this demand has been made by other people before. He said that the Judicial Commission should consider the details of this letter and decide whether this letter is a threat to Pakistan or not. He added: “If this letter is a threat, then it is our duty as ex-military officers, the Army as an Armed Forces and the Chief of Army Staff to take notice of this threat and whatever. We have to do it to protect the security of this country.

Mian Mahmood sharply criticized the country’s current interior minister Rana Sanaullah. He said that he had participated in two wars on behalf of Pakistan, and to his knowledge, this would be the third war for the country’s survival. He said that the country’s biggest enemy at present is Rana Sanaullah. He described the situation as “the third war” and said that he wanted to identify the country’s enemies in this war. “We want to send a message to Rana Sanaullah that whatever role you want to play in destroying the country, we will thwart it.”

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He conveyed the message to the present government that he had come to power with only one vote and had taken over the country’s power illegally. The press conference, which was held in the open air, was attended by many men and women belonging to the organization, who occasionally chanted “Imported government disapproval slogans.”  Mian Mahmood said that he wanted to clarify which external forces played their role in forming this government and which were the internal elements that helped the external forces in forming this government.

Brigadier Mian Mahmood said he was ten years old on March 23, 1940, when he attended a meeting in Manto Park where “Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah passed the Pakistan Resolution.” It may be recalled that Mian Mehmood got a commission in the Army in 1947, and he was among the first batch to get a commission from Pakistan Military Academy.

Mahmood Khan said that he had seen all the stages Pakistan has gone through. Referring to former military dictator General Ayub, he said, “We know how Ayub Khan sold the country’s sovereignty to the United States and allowed the United States to build an airport in Peshawar.” From that day until today, this country has been under the control of the United States. He added that he had no intention of war or enmity with the United States. “We want to maintain the old friendship with the United States, but the United States will have to realize that we will not allow any compromise on Pakistan’s internal sovereignty.”

Role of Army in Election

 After this press conference, a debate started on social media about the role of the Army in the election. How can the Chief of Army Staff promise to hold an election? How can the Army Chief give the date of the election?  Many people criticize General Bajwa for his promise to Retired Army officers in a private meeting about the election.

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retired army officers press conference 2022,retired army officers press conference 2022

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