Sayyid Dynasty Rulers

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sayyid dynasty rulers

Sayyid Dynasty Rulers

Ala-ud-din Shah

Map of Sayyid Dynasty

Sayyid dynasty, the successor of the Tughluq dynasty and rulers of India’s Delhi sultanate ruled India (1414–51) until expelled by the Lodi. This family claimed to be descendants of the Prophet Muhammad, or sayyids. The invasion of the Turkic conqueror Timur in Delhi in 1398 severely damaged the central authority of the Delhi sultanate. As a result, India was divided between many local rulers for the next 50 years. Among those local rulers, the most powerful ruler was the Sharq sultans of “Jaunpur.”

When Timur went back from India from looting Delhi in 15 days, he appointed Khizr Khan as governor of Delhi. In 1404 Timur died due to illness while he was on the way to conquer China. He was succeeded by his youngest son Shahrukh. But his son couldn’t control the Sultanate and civil war started there.  Taking the advantage of this situation  Khizar Khan founded the Sayyid dynasty in 1414. Sayyid Dynasty ruled Delhi till 1451.  

Khizr Khan (1414- 1421 A.D.)

  • He established the Sayyid Dynasty
  • He didn’t take any royal oaths. 
  • He ascended to the throne of Delhi in 1414 A.D. 
  • He seized control of sections of Surat, Dilapur, Punjab. Bengal, Deccan, Gujarat, Jaunpur, Khandesh, and Malwa. 
  • He died in 1421
  • After his death, his son Mubarak Shah became the second king of the Sayyid Dynasty. 

Mubarak Shah (1421-1434 A.D.)

  • Khizr Khan


    Mubarak Shah annihilated the Doab region’s chiefs and the Khokhars. 

  • He was the first Sultan to appoint  Hindu nobles to the Delhi court. 
  • He built the city of “Mubarakbad” on the banks of the Jamuna River
  • He was succeeded by his nephew Muhammad Shah Mubarak

Muhammad Shah (1434-1445 A.D.)    

  • With the support of the Governor of Lahore Bahlul Lodi, he became the Sultan. 
  • Due to assistance Bahlul Lodi in conquering the monarch of Malwa, he bestowed the title Khan-i-Khanan on Bahlul Lodi.
  • In his era, many rebellions started in his kingdom.
  •  Ala-ud-din Shah succeeded him later. 

Ala-ud-din Shah (1445-1451 AD)

  • He wasn’t a powerful ruler. 
  • Bahlul Lodi, the Governor of Lahore, deposed Ala-ud-din Shah from the throne in 1451 A.D and founded the Lodi Dynasty. 
  • In 1478 A.D., Ala-ud-din Shah died in Badaun. 

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