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Synonym of BRIEF

Here you will get a complete Synonym of assert which is very helpful for you in all competitive exams such as PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS, and PMS. MCQs are in series from August 2018- October 2021. If you feel any answer is incorrect, please let us know in the comment section or through email.

Synonym of “desultory” is _________?

A. disconnected
B. thoughtless
C. slanderous
D. concentrated

Synonym of “impoverished” is _________?

A. oppress
B. be unthrifty
C. punish
D. make poor

Synonym of “implant” is _________?

A. inculcate
B. till
C. hybridize
D. transplant

Synonym of “abash” is _________?

A. insult
B. be shy
C. revel
D. disconcert

Synonym of “impugn” is _________?

A. attribute
B. attack verbally
C. press
D. hold back by force

Synonym of “affix” is _________?

A. complete
B. withstand
C. fasten
D. repair

Synonym of “assert” is _________?

A. agree
B. claim
C. imply
D. boast

Synonym of “plenary” is _________?

A. timely
B. combined
C. florid
D. full

Synonym of “adduce” is _________?

A. cite
B. solve
C. persuade
D. compute

Synonym of “impound” is _________?

A. break up
B. haggle
C. hammer in
D. confiscate

Synonym of “impeach” is _________?

A. accuse
B. remove from office
C. jail
D. slander

Synonym of “about” is _________?

A. strike
B. border on
C. cut
D. protrude

Synonym of “impale” is _________?

A. terrify
B. entrap
C. transfix
D. summon for jury duty

Synonym of “abstain” is _________ 

A. separate
B. ignore
C. refrain
D. frustrate

Synonym of “amend” is _________?

A. alter
B. suggest
C. bring together
D. subscribe

Synonym of “immerse” is _________?

A. conceal
B. float
C. saturate
D. plunge into

Synonym of “impend” is _________?

A. rely
B. ponder
C. menace
D. reflect

Synonym of “abet” is _________?

A. wager
B. reduce in volume
C. encourage
D. haggle

Synonym of “impede” is _________?

A. encourage
B. hinder
C. speed up
D. stutter

Synonym of “abate” is _________

A. tease
B. lessen
C. suppress
D. give away

Synonym of WARY is _____________?

  1. Heedless
  2. Negligent
  3. Prudent
  4. Reckless

Synonym of WANE _____________?

  1. Employ
  2. Decline
  3. Rise
  4. Revive

Synonym of WIELD _____________?

  1. Abstain
  2. Avoid
  3. Forgo
  4. Exert


Synonym of assert

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