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Synonym of “audacious” is _________?

A. full of energy
B. showing skill
C. pertaining to hearing
D. recklessly bold

Synonym of “symposium” is _________?

A. musical composition
B. honorary award
C. amphitheater
D. conference

Synonym of “hyperbole” is _________?

A. turning point
B. high excitement
C. swear word
D. obvious exaggeration

Synonym of “umbrage” is _________?

A. offense
B. shelter
C. peaceful attitude
D. leave

Synonym of “chastise” is _________?

A. tease
B. drive
C. punish
D. sadden

Synonym of “inordinate” is _________?

A. excessive
B. illegal
C. bad
D. demanding

Synonym of “inane” is _________?

A. careless
B. merry
C. angry
D. silly

Synonym of “pneumatic” is _________?

A. pertaining to air
B. automatic
C. sick
D. elastic
E. plotted

Synonym of “hamlet” is _________?

A. actor
B. benefactor
C. small rodent
D. village
E. introvert

Synonym of “supplant” is _________?

A. to bury
B. stand by
C. displace
D. work under

Synonym of “lackluster” is _________?

A. dull
B. fitful
C. steady
D. obscure

Synonym of “viva voce” is _________?

A. lively
B. in writing
C. belligerently
D. thematically
E. orally

Synonym of “barrage” is _________?

A. quarters for troops
B. dispute
C. bombardment
D. large boat

Synonym of “serene” is _________?

A. musical
B. patient
C. happy
D. calm

Synonym of “imperil” is _________?

A. to threaten
B. endanger
C. undermine
D. frighten

Synonym of “endow” is _________?

A. to approve
B. immobilize
C. embark
D. provide

Synonym of “bombastic” is _________?

A. inflated
B. explosive
C. retaliatory
D. meek
E. enraged

Synonym of “inter” is _________?

A. carry
B. hint
C. bury
D. interfere
E. act as go-between

Synonym of “abrade” is _________?

A. to twist
B. unravel
C. scold
D. wear away

Synonym of “immolate” is _________?

A. to surround
B. baptize
C. vandalize
D. sacrifice

Synonym of “abscond” is _________?

A. to depart secretly
B. yield
C. abdicate
D. resign

Synonym of “implement” is _________?

A. to displace
B. entangle
C. carry out
D. guide

Synonym of “benchmark” is _________?

A. exhibition
B. reference point
C. label
D. repute

Synonym of “mangy” is _________?

A. sleek
B. long-limbed
C. shabby
D. voracious

Synonym of “contiguous” is _________?

A. proximate
B. distant
C. emergent
D. disparate

Synonym of “tango” is _________?

A. tropic fruit
B. outburst
C. desperate situation
D. a dance

Synonym of “cult” is _________? 

A. snobbery
B. tastefulness
C. sect
D. yearling

Synonym of “prowess” is _________?

A. beauty
B. pride
C. outstanding ability
D. determination


Synonym of contiguous Synonym of “abrade” is ____?Synonym of “prowess” is ___? Synonym of “mangy” is _____?

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