English mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS, CSS,PMS

Here you will get a complete Synonym of frustration which is very helpful for you in all competitive exams such as PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS, and PMS. MCQs are in series from August 2018- to October 2021. If you feel any answer is incorrect, please let us know in the comment section or through email.

Synonym of Enigma is _____________?

A. Question
B. Puzzle
C. Answer
D. Content

Synonym of CIRCUITOUS is _____________?

A. Direct
B. Strong
C. Cyclic
D. Weak

Synonym of EMACIATED is _____________?

A. very fat
B. very thin
C. very small
D. very heavy

Synonym of LETHARGY is _____________?

A. Serenity
B. Laxity
C. Active
D. Bold

Synonym of “reticence” is _________?

A. reserve
B. retention
C. regret
D. brazenness
E. hostility

Synonym of “chagrin” is _________?

A. chin
B. mortification
C. elation
D. intuition
E. chamber

Synonym of “prognosis” is _________?

A. scheme
B. forecast
C. preface
D. identification of a disease

Synonym of “variegate” is _________?

A. set type
B. multi-color
C. differ
D. reject
E. reply-in-kind

Synonym of “disparity” is _________?

A. argumentation
B. difference
C. belittlement
D. harmony
E. discord

Synonym of “wraith” is _________?

A. apparition
B. garland
C. Christmas decoration
D. anger
E. excitement

Synonym of “adversity” is _________?

A. opponent
B. hardship
C. opening
D. public announcement
E. agency

Synonym of “unequaled” is _________?

A. outstanding
B. different
C. praised
D. unique
E. strange

Synonym of “frugality” is _________?

A. extravagance
B. ripening
C. thrift
D. resentment
E. miserliness

Synonym of “punctilious” is _________?

A. scrupulous
B. varied
C. ready
D. prompt
E. vicarious

Synonym of “phlegmatic” is _________?

A. stolid
B. respiratory
C. animated
D. pneumatic
E. aroused

Synonym of “frustration” is _________?

A. satiety
B. facility
C. thwart
D. nostalgia
E. lethargy

Synonym of “vindictive” is _________?

A. revengeful
B. triumphant
C. strategic
D. demonstrative
E. bigoted

Synonym of “saturnine” is _________?

A. planetary
B. gloomy
C. astronomic
D. hopeful
E. temperate

Synonym of “tractable” is _________?

A. practicable
B. amenable
C. indisposed
D. critical
E. artistic

Synonym of “loquacious” is _________?

A. situated
B. gregarious
C. taciturn
D. antisocial
E. garrulous


Synonym of frustration


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