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Here you will get a complete Synonym of hamlet which is very helpful for you in all competitive exams such as PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS, and PMS. MCQs are in series from August 2018- to October 2021. If you feel any answer is incorrect, please let us know in the comment section or through email.

Synonym of “accord” is _________

A. address
B. grant
C. take note of
D. respect

Synonym of “abound” is _________?

A. be plentiful
B. tie up
C. bounce
D. spread out

Synonym of “odium” is _________?

A. hatred
B. repulsive smell
C. clumsiness
D. fear

Synonym of “providence” is _________?

A. Puzzle
B. Ruin
C. Renounce
D. persons destiny

Synonym of “amnesty” is _________?

A. international agreement
B. cease-fire
C. pardon
D. exchange of prisoners

Synonym of “symposium” is _________?

A. musical composition
B. honorary award
C. amphitheater
D. conference

Synonym of “hyperbole” is _________?

A. turning point
B. high excitement
C. swear word
D. obvious exaggeration

Synonym of “umbrage” is _________?

A. offense
B. shelter
C. peaceful attitude
D. leave

Synonym of “chastise” is _________?

A. tease
B. drive
C. punish
D. sadden

Synonym of “inordinate” is _________?

A. excessive
B. illegal
C. bad
D. demanding

Synonym of “inane” is _________?

A. careless
B. merry
C. angry
D. silly

Synonym of “pneumatic” is _________?

A. pertaining to air
B. automatic
C. sick
D. elastic
E. plotted

Synonym of “hamlet” is _________?

A. actor
B. benefactor
C. small rodent
D. village
E. introvert

Synonym of “malfeasance” is _________?

A. seasickness
B. criticism
C. cure
D. misconduct
E. poor performance

Synonym of “superfluous” is _________?

A. flowing
B. disdainful
C. ornate
D. unnecessary

Synonym of “cuisine” is _________? 

A. overall atmosphere
B. table setting
C. style of cooking
D. light luggage

Synonym of “ascribe” is _________?

A. engrave
B. attribute
C. sign
D. write

Synonym of “attrition” is _________?

A. addition
B. regret
C. attitude
D. abrasion
E. concentration

Synonym of “ubiquitous” is _________?

A. affluent
B. resigning
C. omni-present
D. omni-potent
E. omniscient

Synonym of “morose” is _________?

A. calm
B. gloomy
C. misty
D. damp
E. diseased

Synonym of “desultory” is _________?

A. disconnected
B. thoughtless
C. slanderous
D. concentrated

Synonym of “impoverished” is _________?

A. oppress
B. be unthrifty
C. punish
D. make poor

Synonym of “implant” is _________?

A. inculcate
B. till
C. hybridize
D. transplant

Synonym of “abash” is _________?

A. insult
B. be shy
C. revel
D. disconcert

Synonym of “impugn” is _________?

A. attribute
B. attack verbally
C. press
D. hold back by force

Synonym of “affix” is _________?

A. complete
B. withstand
C. fasten
D. repair


Synonym of hamlet Synonym of “inane” is ____?

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