English mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS, CSS,PMS

Here you will get a complete Synonym of homogenous which is very helpful for you in all competitive exams such as PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS, and PMS. MCQs are in series from August 2018- to October 2021. If you feel any answer is incorrect, please let us know in the comment section or through email.

Synonym of “persiflage” is _________?

A. banter
B. oppression
C. sarcasm
D. bigotry
E. simile

Synonym of “virago” is _________?

A. bacillus
B. chastity
C. shrew
D. wanton
E. tirade

Synonym of “disconcert” is _________?

A. sing in harmony
B. pretend
C. cancel program
D. confuse
E. interrupt

Synonym of “filch” is _________? (PPSC, FPSC 2016)

A. pretend
B. dirty
C. embarrass
D. steal
E. honor

Synonym of “intractable” is _________?

A. hard to manage
B. barbaric
C. flawless
D. elusive

Synonym of “incorrigible” is _________?

A. commendable
B. incorruptible
C. unchangeable
D. overbearing

Synonym of “indigence” is _________? (PPSC 2015)

A. nativity
B. tolerance
C. gossiping
D. poverty
E. eating

Synonym of “ captious” is _________?

A. prominent
B. carping
C. critical
D. caustic
E. epigrammatic

Synonym of “sumptuous” is _________?

A. swampy
B. irritable
C. meagre
D. fancy
E. lavish

Synonym of “pelt” is _________?

A. to throw things at
B. touch softly
C. place in layers
D. remove from

Synonym of “mores” is _________? (FPSC 2010)

A. morals
B. customs
C. taxes
D. fiscal year
E. swamp

Synonym of “vestige” is _________?

A. clothing
B. trace
C. under-garment
D. hallway
E. hope

Synonym of “garrulous” is _________? (PPSC 2012)

A. laconic
B. strangling
C. ecstatic
D. frozen
E. wordy

Synonym of “homogenous” is _________?

A. heterogeneous
B. motley
C. scrambled
D. different
E. similar

Synonym of “celibate” is _________?

A. single
B. double
C. married
D. bald
E. hypocritical


Synonym of homogenous


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