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Officerswiki is a free education & learning platform for all students and working professionals, where they can practice multiple choice questions & answers (MCQs). These all MCQs on Officerswiki are FreeMcqs which are helpful in all types of exams  such as PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS,  PMS and UPSC. Read all these questions and answer for your knowledge.

Synonym of “bicker” is _________?

A. bargain
B. offend
C. fret
D. squabble

Synonym of “inundate” is _________?

A. overwhelm
B. surrender
C. flood
D. destroy
E. conquer

Synonym of “vermin” is _________?

A. welcome guests
B. fur wraps
C. true accounts
D. objectionable pets

Synonym of “halcyon” is _________?

A. turbulent
B. shimmering
C. exhausting
D. calm

Synonym of “hegemony” is _________?

A. government by the few
B. mass migration
C. self-governing state
D. dominance

Synonym of “plebiscite” is _________?

A. militant youth
B. common people
C. minority representation
D. direct popular vote

Synonym of “repatriate” is _________?

A. to return home
B. colonize
C. brainwash
D. repay

Synonym of “citadel” is _________?

A. mountain
B. conduit
C. palace
D. fortress

Synonym of “ramification” is _________?

A. problem
B. combination
C. reinforcement
D. consequence

Synonym of “contagion” is _________?

A. concealment
B. an infecting contact
C. worrisome question
D. lack of concern

Synonym of “reverie” is _________?

A. daydream
B. adoration
C. awakening call
D. meeting

Synonym of “nonchalant” is _________?

A. calm and casual
B. listless
C. apprehensive
D. negligent

Synonym of “pretension” is _________?

A. absurdity
B. anxious feeling
C. undisputed right
D. claim

Synonym of “behemoth” is _________?

A. stinging insect
B. huge beast
C. holiday mood
D. mythological creature

Synonym of “overture” is _________?

A. disclosure
B. apology
C. request
D. proposal

Synonym of “acumen” is _________?

A. keenness
B. brilliance
C. swiftness
D. greediness
E. ferocity

Synonym of “fiesta” is _________?

A. puzzle
B. joy
C. nap
D. festival

Synonym of “hover” is _________?

A. to remain in the air above one spot
B. shake or move gently
C. cover carefully
D. submerge

Synonym of “paltry” is _________?

A. insignificant
B. unfair
C. average
D. slovenly

Synonym of “pecuniary” is _________?

A. money
B. architecture
C. warfare
D. indolence

Synonym of “cantata” is _________?

A. symphony
B. concerto
C. opera
D. choral work
E. military march

Synonym of “pronto” is _________? 

A. precisely
B. languidly
C. quickly
D. urgently

Synonym of “embargo” is _________?

A. license
B. freight
C. tax
D. prohibition

Synonym of “interpolate” is _________?

A. to flee
B. explain
C. reverse
D. insert

Synonym of “nomenclature” is _________?

A. terminology
B. pseudonym
C. claque
D. title

Synonym of “sordid” is _________?

A. lazy
B. cruel
C. regrettable
D. dirty

Synonym of “lodestar” is _________?

A. guiding principle
B. burden
C. optical illusion
D. symbol of authority

Synonym of “tepid” is _________?

A. enraged
B. equatorial
C. transported
D. lukewarm
E. embarrassed

Synonym of “barbaric” is _________?

A. large and strong
B. uncivilized and brutal
C. simple
D. original

Synonym of “impregnable” is _________?

A. not fertile
B. safe against attack
C. severe
D. vulnerable

Synonym of hoverSynonym of “cantata” is ______?Synonym of “impregnable” is _________?Synonym of “sordid” is ?

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