The Earl of Mayo-Census of Population-Lord Mayo’s assassination

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Earl of Mayo

The Earl of Mayo

The Earl of Mayo was the eldest son of Robert Bourke.  He was born in Dublin. He received his education at Trinity College in Dublin.  Mayo was succeeded as Viceroy to John Lawrance in India. He remained Governor-General of India from 1869-1872.

Career in politics

Mayo was elected a member of parliament first time in 1847-1852. Later in 1866, he became Chief Secretary for Ireland three times. Then in 1869, he became the Viceroy of India, where he was known as “Lord Mayo” by the locals. He reorganized India’s finances and consolidated the country’s borders; he also promoted irrigation, trains, forests, and other valuable public works. He established local boards to address local issues. In 1872, the first Census was conducted under his reign. He established Mayo College in Ajmer for the education of young people.

Census of Population

In 1950 a census department was created under the Ministry of Home Affairs, and this department performed the first three censuses in Subcontinent. In 1972 Lord Mayo began a separate department of Census attached with the Ministry of Interior to maintain competence, Continuity, unbiases, and experience. In 1873 a new department was created, “Registration Organization”, as an associated department of the Ministry of Interior. It was also overseeing the Census issues. In 1876 Both departments were amalgamated to become the “Census & Registration Organization”

The Population Census Wing of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) performs the following functions

The following are the critical functions of the Population Census Wing:

  1. Decennial Population and Housing Census planning and implementation.
  2. Census Reports are used to process and disseminate information.
  3. Demographic study and analysis of census data.
  4. The census findings are evaluated.
  5. Related intercensal sample studies/surveys.
  6. Data users receive census information.
  7. Data tabulation to satisfy data users’ individual needs.

First census in subcontinent

In Subcontinent, the first regular Population Census was held in 1881 ultimately. Since then, after every ten years, regular Census had in Pakistan. The first Pakistani Census was done in 1951, the 2nd one in 1961, and 3rd  in 1972 rather than 1971 due to the country’s political situation and the war with India. The fourth Census was held in 1981. The fifth one was scheduled in 1991, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it occurred in March 1998.

First census in subcontinent

          Raj Kumar College

Raj Kumar College

Raj Kumar College’s foundation stone was set in 1868 by the earl of Mayo in Chhattisgarh.

Public financial management

Budgeting, spending, and accounting for public funds as a science and art is one of the essential parts of the general department. This department ensures well-defined and well-implemented rules and regulations for managing shared resources and limiting the ways of corruption. This department also gives information to the citizen to evaluate the government. The Public Finance department is a technical department, but political and institutional factors also affect it. These factors affected the performance of this department.

Lord Mayo’s assassination

In the 1860s, Sher Ali worked for the British administration as a member of the Punjab Mounted Police. He worked for the Commissioner of Peshawar and was from the Tirah valley in the Khyber Agency.  He was a member of a cavalry battalion in the British army in Ambala.  During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, he served with the Presidency army (for the East India Company) in Rohilkhand and Oudh.  He served as a cavalry trooper in Peshawar under Major Hugh James and as a mounted orderly for Reynell Taylor, who presented Sher Ali with a horse, pistol, and diploma.  Sher Ali was well-liked by Europeans and cared for Taylor’s children because of his excellent character. He was slain in a family quarrel.

In February 1872, Viceroy of India Richard Bourke, 6th Earl of Mayo, was going to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The islands were, after that, used as a British penal colony for criminals and political prisoners from India.  Lord Mayor was instrumental in the creation of the Port Blair rules, the islands’ main settlement. Twelve security personnel apprehended Sher Ali right away. Lord Mayo died quickly because of his injuries. This occurrence drew a lot of attention because it was so unusual.

He was succeeded by Lord Northbrook

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