Indo-Pak History MCQs 1500 B.C-757 C.E-4

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Chandragupta 2 of the Gupta empire was also known as (PPSC 2016)   Read all About Gupta Empire Click Here

  1. Dimna saka 
  2. Kali das
  3. Dioniyas 
  4. None of these

Nalanda University in the present-day Bihar was constructed by which Gupta Emperor?       Read all About Gupta Empire Click Here

  1. Kumar Gupta 
  2. Rama Gupta
  3. Samudra Gupta 
  4. Chandragupta 2

Gupta dynasty was part of the _______? (FPSC 2012)  Read all About Gupta Empire Click Here

  1. South India dynasty
  2. North India dynasty
  3. East India dynasty
  4. None of these 

The period of the Gupta dynasty was?      Read all About Gupta Empire Click Here

  1. 250-550 A.D
  2. 225-525 A.D
  3. 300-500 A.D
  4. 320-550 A.D

During whose time period was the iron pillar in Delhi erected?    Read all About Gupta Empire Click Here

  1. Chandragupta 2
  2. Chandragupta 1
  3. Kumara Gupta
  4. Samudra Gupta 

Which of the following propounded the theory of Arctic region as the homeland of Aryans?

  1. Mac Muller
  2. Edward Meyer
  3. Bal Gangadhar Tilak 
  4. Herzefeld

The religion of Aryans was Vedic which developed into (NTS 2016)  Read all About Hinduism Click Here

  1. Buddhism
  2. Hinduism
  3. Sikhism 
  4. Jainism

Aryans came from?  

  1. Iran
  2. West Asia
  3. Central Asia
  4. Afghanistan

What was the language of Aryans? (PPSC 2011)

  1. Hindi
  2. Punjabi
  3. Sanskrit 
  4. Bengali

In India entry of Aryans is marked as _________ period ?

  1. Gupta
  2. Dravidian
  3. Vedic
  4. Maurya 

Where did Rigvedic Aryans live in India?

  1. Northern India
  2. All over India
  3. Eastern part of India 
  4. Sapta Sindhu area

Gautham Buddha was also known as (FPSC 2018)           Read all About Buddhism Click Here

  1. Siddhartha Gautama 
  2. Vardhmana Gautama
  3. Sudhodhana Gautama
  4. Rishab Gautama 

Relics of Buddha are preserved in a ?                               Read all About Buddhism Click Here

  1. Temple 
  2. Vihara
  3. Stupa
  4. Chaitya 

The highest goal in Buddhism is                                       Read all About Buddhism Click Here

  1. Nirvana
  2. Madhyama Marga 
  3. Vinaya 
  4. Atmavad

The period of the Gupta dynasty was?

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