Pakistan History MCQs After 1947-7

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The object of Brahmo Samaj was to

  1. Purify Hinduism
  2. Preach theism
  3. Preach worship of one god
  4. All of these

Which Hindi movement first of all criticized Sati?

  1. Prarthana Samaj
  2. Dev Samaj
  3. Arya Samaj
  4. Brahmo Samaj

Who developed and modified Brahma Samaj?

  1. Gandhi
  2. Nehru
  3. Keshab Chandra Sen
  4. None of these

Keshab Chandra Sen advocated?

  1. Female education
  2. Widow remarriage
  3. Equality in the religious sphere
  4.  All of these

Who founded Arya Samaj?

  1. Ambedkar
  2. Raja Ram Mohan
  3. Swami Dayananda Saraswati
  4. Ram Gopal Acharya

When Arya Samja was founded in Bombay?

  1. 10 April 1874
  2. 10 April 1875
  3. 10 April 1876
  4. 10 April 1877

Where Arya Samaj was founded?

  1. Bombay
  2. Calcutta
  3. Delhi
  4. Tamil Nado

Swami Dayanand was a great scholar of:

  1. Urdu
  2. English
  3. Sanskrit
  4. Arabic

The Swaraj Party was organized by:

  1. CR Das and Motilal Nehru
  2. C. Rajgoplacarya & CY Chintamani
  3. Sarojni Nadho & Annie Besant 
  4. Lala Lajpatari & Feroz Shah Mehta

Who founded the National Indian Association in 1867 in London?

  1. William Adam
  2. Dadabhai Narjoi
  3. Mary Carpenter 
  4. Anandamohan

Unionist Party was founded by:

  1. Sir Sikandar Hayat
  2. Khadim Khan
  3. Muhammad Raza Khan
  4. Rai Durlabh

Who was the founder of the Shuddi Movement?

  1. Dayananda Saraswati
  2. Ambedkar
  3. Moti Lal
  4. Krishan Gopal

Where was the Gadhar Party formed?

  1. Tokyo
  2. San Francisco
  3. Lahore
  4. New York

The Communist Party of India was founded in Tashkent on:

  1. 31st October 1920
  2. 17th October 1921
  3. 17th October 1922
  4. 17th October 1933

Who was the founder of the All India Trade Union Congress?

  1. Lala Lajpat Rai
  2. M.N Joshi
  3. Muzaffar Ahmad
  4. J.L.Nehru

Unionist Party was founded by,Swami Dayanand was a great scholar of,Where was the Gadhar Party formed?

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