What are DeepFake, and how are they made?

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 What are DeepFakes, and how are they made? Why are Imran Khan and PTI leaders pointing it out again and again?

Now-a-days there are a lot of rumors about deepfake videos of Imran khan. Imran Khan’s close friend and former federal minister Fawad Chaudhry has claimed that a new campaign of ‘character assassination’ of the former prime minister is being prepared for which ‘videos and fake audios’ will be used. ۔He claimed in a video message.

It should be noted that a few days ago, Imran Khan himself had claimed that his character assassination campaign would start after Eid. Since the statements of Imran Khan and Fawad Chaudhry, supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have been commenting on social media that these alleged videos and audios will be fake and will be made using deep fake technology.

Let’s find out about Deep Fack technology and how it can spread fake information, and how you can differentiate between Deep Fake and actual content?

What are deepfake?

There was a time when it was effortless to deceive people who were not very familiar with the Internet and computers by making minor alterations to photos through Photoshop. Such things are still common, but looking at the picture or video carefully, it is not very difficult to catch them being fake. However, the computer produces deepfake images and video, not of a human hand but artificial intelligence. The more information input into the software developed by DeepFack, the closer the result will be to reality.

However, some people say the word fake should not be used in this technology because many companies are also using it commercially, such as reading news, giving their employees training in different languages, etc. But only technology that is not misused. Now celebrities are male actors in porn movies through Deep Fake, or provocative and misleading statements are spread by politicians. By the time one finds out that they are fake, the damage has been done. So it is a dangerous thing for everyone and everywhere in the world.

How are deepfake made?

This type of video is usually used to create specific software. Although it is not a new thing to give sexual nature to ordinary pictures of people, it would still be difficult and laborious to do so through any photo editing software. If you look carefully, you will catch a fake picture somewhere.

This was even more difficult for videos. However, the simplicity of DeepFake is that you have to provide a lot of information to the computer software, such as how your target looks, how it speaks, what its movements are like when it says, how it behaves. What is the reaction to the situation, etc.? Deep fake-making software relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Many experts warn that we have reached a point where it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between deep fake and lifelike video.

How big can it create a problem? 

deep fake The Russia-Ukraine war, which began in February this year, seems far from over. Still, a video was released on Twitter in March showing the “Russian president” announcing peace and the “Ukrainian president” announcing surrender. Social media companies immediately removed the videos, but it is said that this was possible because the videos were not so sophisticated, so it was easy to identify them as fake videos.

There are a lot of deepfake video of different people. Like Michelle Obama’s deepfake video, Ivanka Trump and Kate Middleton have also been made. Actress Gail Godot, who played Wonder Woman, was the first to use the technology. However, not only politics and porn but deep fake technology can create problems in every sphere of life for defense, finance, and religion.

Facebook and Google have recently announced measures to prevent DeepFake on their respective platforms with these issues in mind. Facebook says it has banned deep-fake videos on its platform and that such videos will be removed.


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