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What is the name of Shah Walliullah’s father?

A. Shah Abdur Rahim
B. Qutbuddin Alam
C. Syed Alam Hussain
D. None of these

Who was the author of ‘My Indian Years’?

A. Lord Curzon
B. Lord Harding
C. Lord Mountbatten
D. None

Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to issue regular currency and to declare Delhi as the capital of his empire?

A. Amar Shah
B. Iltutmish
C. Balban
D. None of these

First Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan is related to___________?

A. Demarcation of the border of Pakistan
B. Islam is declared as a state religion
C. Both a and b
D. None of these

Area of Thar Desert in square miles is _________?

A. 77,000
B. 88,000
C. 66,000
D. 55,000

Name the First Pakistani who won Pulitzer Prize?

A. Dr Abul Qadeer Khan
B. Dr. Raza Bakir
C. Malala Yousaf Zai
D. Adrees Latif

In which Year PULITZER PRIZE was founded?

A. 1917
B. 1920
C. 1915
D. 1913

“The Parliament of Pakistan: A History of Institution-Building and (Un)Democratic Practices” is authored by__________?

A. Mohsin Hamid
B. Hamid Khan
C. Mirza Waheed
D. Mahboob Hussain

Zambia is the new name of__________?

A. Congo
B. Hispania
C. Northern Rhodesia
D. Euphra

The building of the Supreme Court in Islamabad was designed by a _________ architect? 

A. Turkish
B. Greek
C. Japanese 
D. Pakistani

Who was the author of ‘My Indian Years’?, Area of Thar Desert in square miles, which Year PULITZER PRIZE was founded, Zambia is the new name of, Amendment to Constitution of Pakistan is


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