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Muhammad bin Qasim entered India in? (CSS 2012)   To Read About M.B, Qasim Click Here 

  1. 712
  2. 711
  3. 724
  4. 722

Sindh is known as (FPSC 2015)

  1. Bab-ul-Sindh
  2. De-ul-Aman
  3. Dar-ul-hind
  4. Bab-ul-Islam

Who was the last Hindu ruler of Sindh? (PPSC 2012)              To Read About M.B, Qasim Click Here

  1. Raja Chander
  2. Raja Dahir
  3. Raja Hari
  4. None of these

Raja Dahir was killed in the battle of ______near Nawabshah? (NTS 2017)

  1. Battle of debal
  2. Battle of Rasil
  3. Battle of aror
  4. None of these

Who was father Raja Dahir? (PPSC 2015)                  To Read About M.B, Qasim Click Here

  1. Raja Chandur
  2. Chach
  3. Raja vajay 
  4. Raja jay 

Who was the mother of Raja Dahir? (FPSC 2012)                  To Read About M.B, Qasim Click Here

  1. Rani Mahgna 
  2. Chand rani 
  3. Rani suhanandi
  4. Rani ladi 

Raja Dahir belonged to which dynasty? (PPSC 2013)

  1. Gupta dynasty
  2. Maurya dynasty
  3. Brahmin Dynasty
  4. Slave dynasty

Raja Dahir married his sister, what was the name of his sister? (CSS 2012)

  1. Rani Sohni
  2. Rani Bai
  3. Sassi Rani
  4. None of these

Who was the caliph at the time of the invasion of Sindh by Muhammad Bin Qasim? (FPSC 2015)

  1. Waleed-bin-Abd-ul-Malik
  2. Salman-bin-Abd-ul-Abdullah
  3. Salman-Bin-Abud-ur-Rehman
  4. None of above

Name the son of Raja Dahir who embraced Islam? (PPSC 2013)

  1. Vijay Singh 
  2. Kal Singh
  3. Jay Singh
  4. Pal Singh

Which caliph called back Mohammad bin Qasim from Sindh? (FPSC 2012)     To Read About M.B, Qasim Click Here

  1. Salman-bin-Abd-ul-Malik
  2. Ahmed-Bin-Abd-ul-Malik
  3. Salman-bin-Abd-ul-Rehman

Collectively how many years have Arabs ruled over Sindh? (PPSC 2017)

  1. 81 years
  2. 282 years
  3. 285 years
  4. 274 years

Who was the last Hindu ruler of Sindh? 

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